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Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh YEA Alice....He is ALIVE!

I am truly alive my friends. I often wonder how I've survived these last 30 months or so. Really I do...Why is that you may wonder? Because there were quite a few moments where my continued existence seemed more and more unlikely.

I was a very sick fellow...the infection had literally taken over my body and would not relent no matter how many doses of Anti-Biotic I consumed or took through IV. I survived nearly 30 surgeries...60 some days in the hospital...nearly 2 years of being unable to walk properly or not at all.

No I do have that ability but only with the help of a "below the knee" prosthetic.

I fell in a fluke accident in February of 2013 and severely broke my right ankle resulting in emergency surgery the following day. Shortly there-after it became infected and the next nearly three years have been a total and complete nightmare from HELL. The leg was amputated in November 2014 followed by more infection and over 15 surgeries and a months worth of hospital stays in 7-9 day increments.

Today I have had my prosthetic for almost 2 months and it is great...a great, painful, intense, terribly difficult pain-in-the-ASS but I am happily grateful for the mobility none-the-less.

I will do my best to re-connect with the world and continue to post. I really would like to share this story in all the detail....but it will be hard. This my friends was and continues to be BRUTAL. 

I would be lying if I did not admit that the experience has changed me...hardened me, molded me and I will never be the same. I literally have altered my beliefs about the universe and the CREATOR because of it.

Frankly my perception and opinion of my fellow human beings has changed as well...and for the most part I was humiliated, hurt and disappointed by what I experienced.

One or two close friends rose to the occasion and helped to pull me through...I never would have survived without K-Sue. She was and is my everything and she never left my side no matter how vicious life became...She is a hard-core Human Being and a real life saver.

I learned many a hard lesson about what caring for another human being truly meant.I was unprepared and found that my beliefs were inadequate to deal with the intense, terrible reality that confronted me.I hope I have changed and am a better person for it today.

I discovered the hard truth that I was using "I'm praying for you" to get out of actually being there for people who were hurting. It was an excuse to avoid showing up for real and as a result I came to totally mistrust people who were always quick to say they'd pray for me but then I never heard from them.

I will try and elaborate more thoroughly in regular posts but I suspect I no longer believe what I thought I believed. Hellish experiences
and endless, never-relenting horror will do that to a person.

So Hello friends, the few who are still around....I am looking forward to joining the world again!