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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Is Life Anyway?!

It recently occurred to me that a blog started basically about recovery that then took a hard turn into one covering sexual assault, PTSD and salvaging life from such ordeals has now transformed into an amputation life type blog. I get it's a blog about LIFE blog! How about that?!

The fact is the story of Shell Shock Serenade has always really been about living and most importantly....TRUTH. One man's person's search for Truth. In my humble opinion after 53 plus years of living, that is the purpose of life anyway...The search for TRUTH. After coming to that conclusion I figure the Nuns at Ohio Dominican would sure be proud of me now, haha. But seriously, when one experiences so much adversity, pain and heartbreak....almost as a matter of course, he must find some way to rationalize all this. 

For me the typical spiritual rational that it's God's Will no longer makes sense...truth be told, it really never made any sense but at one time I was so desperate for answers that I latched on to that explanation. For many reasons, way to numerous and complex I won't go into them here. But that life is a journey, a search for answer's with no promises, no expectations...was far easier to accept when one is enduring the seemingly un-endurable. 

Perhaps the Truth is select Humans are made to suffer and life is an experiment to see just how much one particular man can take before he cracks and takes his own life. 

On the other hand, another Truth may be the exact humans experience so much material success, seemingly without effort and their life is an experiment to see how much good fortune, riches and rewards, etc before that person succumbs to greed and selfishness then self-destructs. 

Now I'm not saying any of this is true or what I even believe but that is the nature of a journey. It makes one think, causes them to look at life from multiple angles and reflect back on every experience. I can at least feel like a participant if I see it in such a way as opposed to being a victim of circumstance.

The fact is I am sure that I will never know the answer until this life is complete...or at least this stage of it.

Such is one person's perspective at one specific moment in time....particularly when he has had little else to do except put all of it into words and share it with others.

After writing all of that...I want to change direction here and mention that someone that I care a hell of a lot about is having his left Kidney removed tomorrow morning at the Cleveland Clinic. Cancer was diagnosed last week and the hope is by removing said Kidney they will get all of the Cancer and stop this thing before it gets worse. I'm thinking about and praying for you Brother! 

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