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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sitting in the dark....

Sitting here in the dark feeling frustrated because for the first time in my life I have a case of writer's block. I just have not been able to come up with anything worthwhile to write about lately. And I don't want to write just to write so I in the dark.

Actually it has been a rather rough time the last couple of weeks. Nothing serious, I'm just transitioning to a different way of living and there are frustrations inherent in that change...that's just the way it is. And of course things aren't happening fast enough to suit my preference so I have to be patient. Definitely NOT one of my strong suits though I have gotten a bit better in that area as of late.

I have to admit that I'm also dealing with a fair share of fear of the unknown. When I started working full time at 18 years old I can honestly say that I was not thinking about the prospect of retiring at 47 yrs old. I also hadn't planned on being seriously injured along the way and dealing with such a battered and beaten physical situation at this age either.

It's funny in a way but I sense things are working out exactly the way they are supposed to. I still have good health and it's getting better every day. Physically I do hurt a great deal but you adjust to it and frankly, there isn't much I can't do within reason. I can still enjoy my mobility to travel, exercise, hike, do some swimming and  kayaking, just getting outside everyday...things that have become more important to me as years go by. I just have to be reasonable in my expectations of things...not an easy task for a dreamer who also likes to dive into things w/out thinking about it first. But I'm starting to get it and 'ya know, life is getting really good these days as well.

Not many people get another chance in way I'll blow it off. I'm enjoying a new perspective, new opportunity and yes, new challenges. It does feel a bit weird but I like it. I never knew in the old life how much I was missing...sad but true.

Well, it's going to be in the 70's again today in Michigan after 2 days in the 80's so I have to get on with my day and get outside....

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