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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whoa Nelly

Talk about getting blown away or around or's freakin' howling out there. Of course the "Super Big Blow Of The Century or Maybe even EVER 2010" all the news outlets were predicting did not come to pass once again leaving all the morons who want to make all types of weather "News Events" looking like Jack Asses. I love it....the schools here in Holland MI (where I'm visiting) closed because the threat of serious weather (including tornadoes) did actually exist but that is where sane, well thought out decision making ended.

The local News affiliates took over the airwaves with their Bubble Headed Weather Experts for 2 whole hours, going over and over the "potential" weather problems that could occur if the weather did indeed get severe, which of course didn't happen. Time and again we had wonderful shots of tree branches blowing in the wind. Hey, I like watching trees blow in the wind as much as the next guy but lets face isn't really that amazing, interesting or (get this!!) newsworthy. At one time they were actually having news people on the scene all over West Michigan hold their Mics out in the wind to compare ferocity of said blow!!  I truly loved the drama of the camera panning past all the blowing tree branches as the voice over gets very serious about "wind damage" only to stop on an overturned....plastic lawn chair on someones deck!! I could hardly hold back the tears.

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