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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dayton Ohio 2:34am

Ah yes, sitting up wide awake in the middle of the night, once again. Only now I've come to embrace the insomnia. Why fight it, 'ya know? And the funny this is that I have come to enjoy the moments of solitude to reflect on the life I have today.....

A life once filled with fear, uncertainty, pain, discontent....uncomfortable silences. No more, I've find  joy in this life I once despised. Hard to explain how grateful I feel for the transformation but I feel so committed to never....not ever, wasting another single, solitary moment of this time I have here on earth feeling sorry for myself. Self pity is no picnic and never has feeling sorry for myself lent itself to feeling better later why bother!?

As the title of this entry states, I am in my old home state of Ohio once again. I am visiting my sister's family this weekend. Elizabeth and I are beginning a new tradition of attending the Ohio State-Purdue together every year together. She is of course an Buckeye fan and I, a Purdue Football Season Ticket Holder. we always have gone to the game every other year in West Lafayette but she suggested last Winter that we also attend the game in Columbus together as well. Though I wasn't too thrilled about going back to Ohio Stadium again (I had already vowed along w/my father to never attend another game there again!) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend some time with my 'Lil Sis.

Having just now realized that the alarm is set for a mere 2 hours from now, I think it in my best interest to try to get a bit more sleep. A report on the game to follow....if I survive another adventure into the abyss...that deep, dark, dangerous place they call "The Shoe"!!

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