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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Up To My Neck In iT...

The Winter of 2013-2014 has turned out to be a real dandy as far as the weather is concerned! And yea, that is definitely an understatement. It is odd how things in life, seemingly unrelated can at the same time totally attached by circumstance.

Historically Bad Winter....Extremely Bad Injury/Illness. Unrelated normally and having absolutely NOTHING to do with one another. Yet since I am locked in the prison of SNOW & Ice it is totally related.

This injury and subsequently illness (Infection) will have lasted an entire year come this Sunday February 9th...that is the one year anniversary of the original broken ankle. Time flies when you are miserable sometimes too but it often  drags at the same time.
I had another scheduled 2 week check up yesterday...

We found that I did indeed have a well entrenched infection that was making me quite sick and though that now seems to be in check he is really quite concerned about it. In 2 weeks we will check again and if the wound has not closed up on it's own I will need another surgery....he will go in and clean up the entire area. I may need other procedures done the extent of my problems will dictate the treatment, obviously.     

On the other hand the physical healing of the fused bones seems to be progressing on scheduled. It is very painful and swollen but that is to be expected at this stage in the game. I have just recently started to put pressure on it so swelling is pretty much expected as is the pain.

I just feel always on the brink of CHAOS with this situation. I just want it to heal so I can move on with my life. That doesn't seem to be too much to ask....IS IT?!

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