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Monday, February 8, 2016

Perhaps Tomorrow Then...

Another year added to the "legend of the Broken Ankle" saga. I broke my ankle 3 years today in the kitchen of my home, getting in caught in a throw rug while making a bagel for a late night snack.

3 years, 31 operations and nearly 60 nights in the hospital later and I am recovering from yet another surgery. This lasst was to clean up some scar tissue in the stump but typically once the Doc got in there he discovered some serious issues regarding tumors growing at the ends of several of the severed nerves in the leg...these are called Neuromas. Naturally they had to come out making this a much more serious and involved surgery then we had planned for. Actually at this stage of the game I am used to these kinds of surprises. So a potential outpatient procedure became 2 nights in the hospital. Plus I wouldn't come back from anesthesia so I scared the hell out of everyone involved. 

So I see the Doc tomorrow and I am hoping it won't be long before I can put my prosthetic back on. I have to admit I have gotten used to walking on two legs again, haha. We will update later and I hope, as I always say here that I will continue to post more regularly.

Honestly this 3 year ordeal has stolen some of my spirit away and I search for it yet I still haven't found what I am looking for. Perhaps tomorrow then....

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