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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shadows Rise...The Fog Begins To Clear.

I'll cut to the chase....the meeting with the Doc today went pretty well. The staples came out (I can't really repeat what I was saying as they actually were removed...It FREAKIN' HURT!) and I can begin to start wearing my prosthetic in small doses and work my way into a more comfortable fit.

We will get fitted for a new socket in a couple of weeks and we will be trying a vacuum seal as opposed to the big, bulky rubber outer sleeve. I am excited about that for a couple of reasons: First, the vacuum will provide a much more secure and consistent fit and that will be a great deal more comfortable. Comfort in such a way builds confidence in the leg. is a much more streamlined application...lighter, more flexible and yea, it just looks more BAD-ASS then the old foggy set-up I have used up to this point.

This is a totally new set-up for me so I don't even have a clear idea of exactly what it is and looks like. 

So stay tuned over the next few weeks and we can experience this adventure together. 

Peace OUT!

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