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Friday, May 7, 2010

All around us....

A stormy night in S Michigan....kind of fun to watch the rain sweep in across the lake. And it's certainly better then being out in the same freaking rain, that's for sure.

Not sure why I started off that way tonight because frankly I feel somewhat discontented. And I'm going to blame the TV on said discontentment. That's rather ironic actually since I watch very little of it myself. Sports, mainly college FB and some ML Baseball...the Weather Channel, History and Discovery Channels, stuff like that and again, not very much. But and this is a huge BUT here, The TV is on in this house most of the waking day thanks to my father. I share this lake house w/my Mum and Dad in the Spring, Summer and Fall if I haven't mentioned that before.

Well my father, who I love very much insists on having that bloody, fucking TV on all hours of the day. If that weren't bad enough, he has to have the sound on even if he happens to be out of the room. This really blows because he is half deaf so the volume is MAXED out to boot. Pretty annoying right...I mean most folks would find that disturbs any realistic chance of having any serenity at all in the house when he is in it. Oh yea, that's not the kicker....he basically watches only one TV station...anyone care to guess which one it is?!


Now I am actually rather open minded when it comes to politics and, er..uh pretty much everything else really. I am not registered to any political party and I always vote for the candidate who I think is the best fit for the post regardless of their affiliations. I tend to be somewhat liberal in certain ways and yet I am also conservative in others. I don't get on any one's ass if they happen to feel strongly in their political point of view. I just want my view and right to choose it to be respected as well.

And the purpose of this blog tonight isn't to debate or put forward any particular political point of view. It is however a chance for me to spew on about how freaking sick I am of hearing FOX NEWS. Jesus Christ, give it a rest all ready. I mean fair and balanced?! REALLY, how do they figure that. Hey as far as I am concerned, they have every right to broadcast what they want. I happen to think it's a good thing actually.

And really all I am saying here is I disagree with their opinion that they are objective. They are not...they push a very conservative agenda...and that's cool with me. It really is...I just don't like them telling me it's a balanced reporting of the news because in this day of the 24 hr news cycle, every network is biased, has a very specific agenda and pushes it vigorously. To gain money, power and influence is the name of that game, simple.

I feel the same way about MSNBC or CNN or NBC, ABC, CBS ow whoever....they are free to report what they want to report, however they want to report it. That's not an issue with me. I  think I am being fair and balanced when I came to the conclusion a long time ago that all of the Networks and their Suits are liars. They lie to gain popularity and influence....that in turn generates money which also gives them more influence and power. Their goal is to control. That's the way I see it and I couldn't trust them all any less. And again I accept it for what it is...

Now back to Fox. So basically I'm only singling them out because that happens to be the Network er, ah....politics of choice of my parents, mainly my father. He's not stupid, he says he likes watching them because they are conservative and attack liberals, who he doesn't care for. It's that obvious to him....why shouldn't it be to everyone else?

Well, for me the sickening part isn't so much the I've said, I feel everyone has a right to their opinion even if I happen to think they are ridiculous. That's what freedom of choice is all about. What drives me nuts is the way they drive home the same tired points of view day in and day out. Taking things out of context, stirring up the emotions of their viewers with suggestions that the enemy (IE: whoever they don't like) are trying to take what's theirs and take over the world. They scare the shit out of honest people with out presenting actual facts. I know we live in a dangerous world and that there indeed are folks who want to destroy our way of life but this isn't the way to deal with it in my opinion....

 They also have turned former mediocre political hacks like DICKMO (Dick Morris) into some sort of conservative super expert who always seems to have it all figured out. Only he doesn't, all he does is emotionalize, criticize and use scare tactics...seldom offering any kind of solution of his own. His entire agenda, night after night after night is to push his latest book. 

Now I don't watch MSNBC (hell I actually don't really watch FOX either, I'm a captive audience) but I would bet that the very same thing goes on there, only playing to the liberal point of view. I have no doubt. And this 24 hr news (and Weather now) isn't going to go away, nope... this shit is only going to get worse. It frightens me that a large majority of Americans are forming their opinions on Foreign Policy, Civil Rights, The Budget, Health Care Reform, etc. Etc. based solely on what some TV Network tells them to believe. Folks like Lincoln, Churchill, Robert Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, FDR and others are all rolling over in their graves tonight.

People are sheep, blindly following one another over the edge and into the abyss...

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