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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cautious yet Happy and Hopeful...

It is 8a on Monday morning, 24 May. I suppose it's been a couple of months since I really started to work at getting more physically fit. I've been riding the X Bike 5 days per wk and walking 2-4 miles a day. I have made some changes to my eating habits (mostly eliminated soda, cut back on ice cream and eating before bed). In a lot of ways I feel better, more energy, I feel like I think more clearly, etc. That all sounds pretty positive I believe, right?

Except that I am really hurting...every morning I feel like I've just fallen off the roof, for lack of a better description. I know I have some serious physical limitations (some would call them a disabilty, I suppose) as a result of a pretty serious accident as a 17 yr old kid. But I really thought , uh expected this exercise to help but it mostly hurts more.

It limits my ability to get proper rest: I sleep in 45 min segments throughout the night, usually to sleep around midnight and up around 4-4:30a. I do take a siesta in the afternoon which I started doing recently and that has helped. Part of the problem is that I can't stay in one position (like laying down in bed) for maybe 4 hrs total before it just plain hurts to lay down.

I've been patient and will soon be getting that physical I've been waiting four years for (insurance) and hope that will help my Doc and I define a better program for improving health and healing. I have also accepted that I have some very damaged bones in my back that truly need some surgical attention and I am prepared to deal with that this coming winter.

I have a great deal of support and I'm optimistic and motivated to move on but it occasionally gets discouraging at I write about that here. Lucky readers....

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