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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disillusionment DAY!

The other day I posted about my discovering that my church....far from being the exception was pretty much like every other church in the way it's people act, controlling others by peer-pressure and manipulation. They are as judgmental as any other group of organized religion I have been a part of. And I am disappointed....not because I thought it''s people were with out flaw. No I knew that wasn't true but it was their depth of phoniness that truly shocked me. In a response to a comment on that post I wrote this:

In the end...It is one's faith that really matters, not what other people think. I have never lost sight of that and that is what I believed through all those years of addiction...that organized religion was BAD, it was a creation of man to control other men through intimidation, peer pressure and guilt. I had hoped I found something different this time around with this church. I was wrong and I felt hurt & mislead when I discovered that some people weren't what they seemed. My BAD for being too won't happen again.

I think that sums up my thoughts on the matter pretty thoroughly.As usual, I am having difficulty putting words together but when I finished that last post it definitely felt unfinished, hence the need to clarify today.

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