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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sorry Kids But The Bug is Still There!

I thought I was really confused...until it dawned on me that I was just really angry. Yea I am still going round and round with my dilemma concerning my beliefs about spiritual things, religion and being a follower of GOD.

Whenever I have questions about the Church (notice Church is capitalized...that means I am talking about the overall Christian Church and not a local congregation like mine in Coldwater, MI) I noticed that someone recites back the Word of God to make their point and answer my question. The only problem that I have with that is that there is nothing written today in the Bible that hasn't been translated by man....most passages many time over. Basically the Bible is the Word of what Man thinks God would say were he here with us now.

I know I'll get a bunch of crap for saying that but sorry folks it is FACT, it has all been re-written and translated by men who by the Bibles own account are sinners by nature....usually to make a specific point, usually to be used to manipulate and control the followers of that congregation. It works well too...

I know I'll have folks trying to make their point but to me it is a mute point...Man wrote the Bible. Was it Divinely inspired....sure but so many hands were in the mix over the centuries that there is no possible way the message was not distorted, manipulated and GROOMED to sell THEIR message whether "They" were Catholic or  Protestant.

That brings me back to the original spark that ignited my indignation:this bit about people who are divorced can't hold leadership positions in the church. I think it is ridiculous and especially since the passages that are generally used to justify it are weak and open to several different interpretations.

That is my position...we will cover more on this tomorrow....

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