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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Holiday Inn X, 3am (Reflection of a LIFE)

I'm sitting here at the desk in a room on the 2nd floor of the Holiday Inn Express in Holland Mi. I am home...Holland is as close to my home town as I  have. My feelings about this place are complex to say the LEAST. I spent many good years here...My children grew up here...went to school in the area, met their spouses here. 

I got married...and divorced, worked for the same company for nearly 24 years. I experienced what it was like for one's world to completely spin out of control and crash HARD into the ground...their were very nearly NO survivors. I tried to take my own life in late May of 2006 and that began the spiritual journey that continues to this very day.

It is the hardest thing I have ever done...and quite simply the easiest decision I ever made. My life simply depended on it....


  1. Its funny how you think you've moved on. But then you get to a place or see a face and it all comes swirling back. It quite remarkable.

    1. It is quite remarkable. And furthermore, no other place on the planet evokes such powerfully conflicted emotions as this place does.