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Friday, April 25, 2014

I Shall: LIVE ON!

Painting By Cathy Frick

As the last vague, flickered moments of Thursday the 24th of April in the year 2014 slowly tick away, I am left sitting here to ponder....once again, what the hell this latest chaotic chapter in my life is suppose to mean or represent. Perhaps it means nothing more then 24 plain old hours in each one of these long, traumatic days. Or maybe each and every damn minute of every damn day stands as a stark, unforgettable reminder to never take good health, happiness and good fortune for granted.

I am so grateful just to sit here at this moment and post another blog that mere words of mine cannot possibly do my feelings justice. I know what it now feels like to drift away quickly in a haze of pain, sickness and nausea and watch the sand in the hour glass of my life slowly run empty. All the while staring back at twisted tormented faces silently screaming the very same word out that dominates my thoughts each and everyone of these long suffering days.....WHY?! WHY?!

Now I realize that is most certainly the one question of all the possible questions that I could ask about these difficult days under the unrelenting pressure of painful enduring pressure & time that I am absolutely sure I shall never get an answer to.

For, tonight...specifically for this very precious moment that we human beings we call NOW...I can accept that and LIVE ON.

Original Art Works By Cathy Frick

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