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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A good day for Goodwill

In my old life as an idiot, I really did not have good sense when it came to spending $$. I had a great job and did OK in the $$ department. If I wanted something, I bought it and was not really the type to do much shopping around, unless it was a major purchase like a house or car. I spent a great deal of money I could have saved if I had just taken a bit of time to do a little leg work shopping for a deal or better price but no...I had better things to drink, er do. Find me in a Goodwill store?! No fucking way.

Well, times change, 'ya know. I basically lost everything of value to drink and drugs and though I am doing well now, my sense of value has drastically changed...for the better too!

I had some time to kill tonight before at meeting so a friend and I stopped to check out the Goodwill Store in town. Lots of cool shirts for $2 and $3, clean and in really good shape. I was finding all soerts of cool stuff when Kim walked over with a leather jacket, black WWII fighter Pilot style like brand new for $29! I couldn't believe it and at first I thought it had to be fake...Nope, 100% genuine leather from Wilson's Leather. And the best part of this whole thing is it fit me perfectly.

I know, I know...I have typically gotten away from any kind of impulse buying but frankly, this was just too cool. Hey, it had to be my was right there, just like that. So that beautiful leather baby is hanging in my closet as I speak, uh type. Right next to it is one of my old leather coats, a different style but similar in type and size that I paid over $200 1993!! Now Kim says she'll buy it off me if I change my mind so shit...I win either way.

Whoa, life can really be a trip when it pulls the good kind of surprises, eh?!

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