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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the sunshine....

I know this just doesn't sound right but most of the time I don't like the sun. It annoys me, hurts my eyes. Give me a nice overcast day over a bright and sunny one anytime. This is not a popular view, particularly in sun starved Michigan and specifically at this time of year when people are tired of the short, dark days and snow. I do think a big part of it is physical, I'm sensitive to bright light but some of it is maybe I've come not to like extremes. Bright sun, particularly on snowy ground is extreme.

I do accept it though but I have to laugh at the reaction of so many of my friends here in MI when the sun shines...they beg for summer and whine about the cold. Hell the whining starts in October, when the world is at it's most beautiful, leaves full of color, the sky full of big, beautiful Autumn clouds. I guess that is part of the annoyance....the sun worshiping aspect of all this. So many people would rather just have it warm and sunny year round yet live in a part of the country where we experience all 4 seasons to their fullest!

Hey, I have no problem if you like warm weather...go live in Florida or Arizona then. OK I know, I'm being a bit harsh.Complaining about the weather goes back to the beginning of human existence, I'm sure. It's normal, acceptable and 'ya know, it's probably the #1 way to make small talk...bitch about the weather.

I suppose that my philosophy lately of acceptance has influenced my opinion here a bit. I try to take things as they are...not as I wish they were. I lived in a world of unrealistic expectations for so long that I've found that for me, it's important to stay in the reality of the moment and accept things as they are. Even if I don't like them that way and want to change them, I still need to start with a basic acceptance of reality in which to begin any change. This works for me and I'm not saying that anybody else has to see it this way...whatever gets you through your life and reality, go with it.

Alright, once again I write to do my own weather related bitching and I'm off on a tangent about my personal philosophy of acceptance....uh, sorry. Once again, welcome to the world between my ears, Ach.

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