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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a rule when it comes to visiting Harley Dealerships: No sitting on a scoot that there is no way in hell I can possibly buy.Why, you ask? Because when I do, I lose all sense of reason and "think" only with my heart. It has been a wise rule and frankly has worked effectively as of late when things have been very tight financially. I go, walk around....enjoy looking at the different bikes, dream a little bit then leave. I usually enjoy the experience though I feel a tad melancholy at not being able to seriously consider getting a Harley again.

So all was going well w/my world and plan until the other day. I accompanied a friend to the Cement City MI Harley Dealership in the beautiful Irish Hills as he went to put a deposit on his new bike, A silver 2010 Electra Glide Classic...a stunning machine.

As he took care of his business, I roamed the floor checking out all the bikes, feeling fine until I came across Red. Red is what I call the most beautiful Harley that I have ever seen. A Scarlett Red 2010 Street Glide. Typically, Street Glides were not a scoot I cared for much. Something about just didn't seem right. I don't know what happened but I was astounded by this bike. I moved on looking at the other bikes but I kept circling back to this one, like half a dozen times. My friend Chuck walked over and of course he started telling me it was the perfect scoot for me...blah, blah, blah. Just the stuff I wanted (but didn't need to) hear. His girlfriend Connie said I should sit on it, then she could tell if it was the bike for me. Of course I explained THE RULE about not sitting on a bike I couldn't by. All the time I did Chuck was rolling his eyes because he has heard this before of course and I'm sure Connie thought I'd lost my mind!

Anyway, we were headed out the door on the opposite end of the shop from Red when before I knew what happened, I walk all the way over there and before I can put up any kind of fight...I'm sitting on the most amazing scoot I've ever seen. They had to pry me off the darn thing to get me to leave...

Needless to say, I violated the rule and now I don't get a moments peace. I've spent countless hours on the Harley website looking at that bike, thinking about it all the time. I bought a lotto ticket for tomorrow night, not something I usually do but basically it would be the only way I could afford that freakin' bike!! I've completely lost my mind, thinking, dreaming talking about the motorcycle constantly. I think even my buddy Chuck now sees why I had the rule!

Well, I unleashed the beast so now I have to deal with it.....

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