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Monday, February 4, 2013

It Will Pass...Won't It??!!

Just once in recent memory I would like to sit down to write about something that doesn't have to do with MY pain, MY sleeplessness, MY difficulties, etc. It has really been a challenging time in my life, no doubt about it.

I'm thankful at a time like this for music. In many ways music is the one universal thing that speaks out to me right now and doesn't seem to get hung up by negative experiences or circumstances. 

I realize that Shell Shock Serenade as a blog is almost impossible to read right now. It is even more scattered, confused, short-sighted then I am.

I just figure if I keep pushing on that we will break through this rough patch and stuff will begin to lighten up in my life and blog at the same time.

I really Thank those of you that have stuck by us during this last 8 weeks or so of this mess of sleepless days, Thanks again!

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