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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hitting A Wall and The Uncompromising SILENCE That Whispers:You're No Good!

I feel like I am being stretched far beyond my ability to meet that requirement....Both physically and psychologically. I'm dancing with one foot, crutches in hand...on the very precipice of sanity...the Razor's Edge of REALITY and I find that I am losing touch with it....this old soldier is FADING AWAY. And I am so very afraid at times.

Yet there are moments of PEACE in all this and that is when I know the HE...My GOD watches over me.

But more often then not, my faith wavers and I struggle to keep my composure. I hurt so badly inside....It has always been a lesson that have learned over the years about how truly powerless I am.

This story shall be continued.... 

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