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Friday, March 29, 2013

Winding My Way Home...My Friend.

It almost seems an exercise in futility to sit down once again at my once beloved keyboard and try to put my feelings, my soul really into each and every post I write for Shell Shock Serenade.

My latest illness has taking nearly 8 weeks of my life now with no resolution. Adding in this mysterious fainting then falling problem resulting in a severely broken right leg and obviously it still wasn't punishment enough for whatever it was that I did to anger the now I am not only unable to to read for pleasure or study (my favorite way in the world to spend some time alone) but I cannot write but a few sentences before I then lose all sense of time and space only to be rendered unable to write at all.

My solution for that up until now has been to simply write what I can and post it. This has been terribly difficult because it is embarrassing but I know of no other way to try and "break through' whatever it is that is dragging me down and creating this enormous sense of hopelessness and fatigue.

My purpose in posting tonight is to try and explain what I am doing and why but I already am becoming weary and must end this post for now.

I promise dear reader, that I will endeavor to persevere and conquer this malady once and for all. Perhaps that will not lead me back to where I once was but if I am able to function independently at all, I will consider that a victory and move forward.

Thank you my friends for your continued interest in Shell Shock...even though it tis but a shell of it's former self. I will be back one day soon.  

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  1. Praying for you. Get better soon, buddy.

    1. Thank you Friend, your kind words mean more to me at this moment then you will ever know.