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Friday, March 8, 2013

My Cardiologist: What A JOKE

I am really angry with my latest encounter with a specialist in the hospital.  The Heart Doc was an absolute joke telling me on one hand that I should praise the Lord because I have no heart problem while saying my symtems require treatment as a heart problem would. His rant to me made him sound crazy:

I'm still trying to figure this Dr L***** guy out. He declares that I have no heart problem....well, er except you do have really high blood pressure actually, he tells me...but your heart is, er...'cept I really should have you on some heart medication but you're falling down so I am too indecisive to actually be a doctor and make a decision.. Anyway it isn't like the heart lining is hardening around your heart or anything indicating a heart and/or blood pressure issue...mmm, er, huh yea...that's right you do have hardening come to think of it, don't you! Perhaps you do have a heart issue....actually there is no doubt you do and if I had taken the time to shut my freaking yap and listen to you instead of act like GOD...well I might realize that there is a really good chance that is I actually allowed you to tell me about your feet/hands swellings that you'd be getting actual treatment instead of me blowing you off...then maybe you would feel better now instead of sicker then ever before.

I've never before felt so discouraged after meeting with a Doctor...

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  1. Get another opinion if you can, Thom. (The medical community makes me MENTAL)
    {no idea what's wrong with you, $150, (or more) please.}

    Prayers your way, my friend