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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Carlos Arredondo was one of the many people who responded to help the wounded at the Boston marathon Bombing yesterday in Boston, Mass.

I urge anyone reading this post, follow up with the video, Google this guy, Carlos Arredondo because his story needs to be known ....and remembered.

I'm not really sure what to write about here tonight. I ended up starting with the story of Carlos because I didn't have to risk putting my own emotions into words. I somehow feel like it would be too risky to open the door on that side of me because I am so unsettled...what I feel is RAW and undefined so I am uncertain what would happen if I "Go There".

I just do not trust myself after the emotional damage I sustained through my illness and subsequent fall and broken leg. I am so angry inside...whatever feeling of grace, charity and love I typically feel toward life and my fellow man has been replaced (let us hope and pray temporarily) by anger, fear and mistrust.

It feels too similar to War and being at War. Time will show us who is responsible and why they did this. Perhaps then with the benefit of time and a clearer understanding of facts I will be more rational about what I am feeling and how to express it. If I go there NOW it would not be pretty, constructive or helpful to anyone...

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