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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Call Me LUCIFER

I suppose that at the age of 50 I have a drastically different perspective on life and living life then I did as a young man in my early to mid 20's. It is inevitable that one would change with the times, the experience and relationships that one has had.

But I cannot rightly say at this point in time WHAT I might have learned  as a "life lesson" from this most recent bout of illness, injury and sudden fall socially and financially. I do know that I react somewhat differently in the long run though at first glance my reaction may seem similar. 

I felt sorry for myself, abused and picked on by fate or God...whatever. Bu very quickly I realized that all of that was a misguided distraction and attempt to deflect responsibility from the on person directly responsible....ME.

I made the decisions, the hard (or perhaps the way too easy choices that had the unforeseeable consequences leading down this particular moment of doubt and pain. And then I felt dirty, EVIL and out of control when the reality of my situation is no different then any one else's...I am HUMAN...therefore I am FLAWED...therefore I SIN....PERIOD.

I think that what I do to myself that hurts me the most is I let myself ride the emotion I feel in real time. I now realize that in reality, I have no active FAITH during crisis like these so I fight back manually. The end result is I suffer 10 times over and the problem is never diminished or solved. it is a perpetual purgatory called human life and I am my own Jailer and ultimately executioner.

Well my friends....the time has now come for a CHANGE!!!

Stick around Shell Shock Serenade here in the near future as we figure out exactly how that change is going to to occur and implement itself...

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