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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nature's Lament or Bitchin' 'Bout The Weather!

Typically, I am one of those people that just kind of rolls with the weather...I don't get too caught up in it and never really complain about it. Until today!

I have really had my fill of cold, wet weather...I need some warmth...the kind only provided by our Planet's good friend, Mr SUN. Even for just a couple of days...But NOOOOOOO, we have to endure more rain and temps in the 50's....or 40's or 30's!

In southern lower Michigan this Spring (Spring, HA!! And I use that term LOOSELY!!) we have had cold, wet weather literally every day and frankly it seems like Winter is still with us. Last week it snowed enough to cover the the third week of APRIL!!

My broken leg is healed up enough that I could get outside and get some exercise BUT's freaking raining out with 35 mph winds and bouts of FREEZING F-ing RAIN! ACH!! 

OK enough the time it has taken me to put my melancholy mood in print...the weather has passed and the Sun has begun to show it's (now) unfamiliar FACE!!

I'm heading outside, LATER!

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