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Thursday, August 8, 2013

All Things Considered....

Guess what? I'm so excited about this I can hardly type. I went to see the surgeon today to get the details on the ankle fusion they need to do on my right foot. I found out that I am being sent to ANOTHER Doctor who specializes in this sort of procedure. OH GOODY, ANOTHER FREAKING DOCTOR!!

In all honesty, though it will set the time frame back a few weeks or more, it is most likely the best scenario for getting the surgery done correctly once and for all.

I am just trying to get my whole head around everything that has been happening here the last few months. My entire world has been turned totally upside down and I am reeling.

One of the delicate potentially dangerous issues for a person in recovery is pain medication. When you have an ankle as swollen and painful as mine something has to give. Plus I have had multiple medical procedures done and a couple of surgeries coming down the pike. There are legitimate uses of pain meds but it requires openness and honesty on my part.

I only recently gave in and started taking a pain pill at night and one in the morning. It has gone very well but is causing problems with my mother. Alcoholism/Addiction are Family Diseases and it affects everyone in the household and beyond. It is understandable that the people who care about you are concerned yet ultimately the responsibility is your own. I trust that my Creator is here with me through these difficult times...I have no doubt that he is.

As tough a decision as it is the truth is I have lived for 3 months (actually closer to 4) in total agony and pain...the quality of my life is suffering. Suffering is the name of the game, live IS TO SUFFER.

This topic is still quite controversial among recovering Addicts/Alcoholics. Everyone treats this subject according to their own personal preferences. But for me I am doing well and persevering the best I can considering the circumstances.


PHOTO: Kathy Tomson

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