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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I really am not sure what to say here right now. Things have not changed much in my personal life...especially related to my health. I want to be positive and optimistic but my latest experience and circumstance lends itself more toward cynicism, sarcasm. And that is truly unfortunate because a human being only has so much stored up energy, physical as well as psychological and endure heartbreak, difficulty and disappointment.

I've been here at the hospital in Battle Creek for 4 days and progress is slow to non-existent. It is frustrating but that is how this whole illness ordeal has been.

It looks like they will do an MRI by tomorrow at the latest to determine if the infection has moved and/or progressed. Then they will determine the best method to continue the anti-biotic. I have a PICC Line in the vein above my heart for long term IV access. Then it sounds like I will discharge from here, have out-patient surgery to remove the old hardware. That they hope will eliminate the infection so they can go in and repair my foot/ankle/leg permanently by fusing the ankle.

That is the plan could change many times between now and when I leave the hospital. But I wanted to update everyone who are concerned and asking about me.

I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers and will keep updating as I can....T


  1. I have just read through some of your past posts, I am sorry that you have to endure this. Its ok to feel cynical right now, the optimism will come.

    1. Thank you Ian...It means a lot Brother. It 'tis strange but since you are so open and honest on your Blog about yourself and your life (as I always have tried to be) it seems as if I know you when in reality I obviously do not. Plus we have shared some of the same trials and tribulations. I have always admired your ability to accentuate the positive of your situation....something this cynical old crank has difficulty doing at times...though I would like to think I am getting better at it!