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Monday, August 19, 2013

Living On The BLOGGER"s Ledge....Not Really, HaHa!

Never in my wildest dreams did I intend Shell Shock Serenade to be used basically as a persona/medical UPDATE Apparatus reporting periodically on my health, how I feel, what my experience is, etc. Yet that is about all I am capable of doing with it right now.

One of the symptoms or side-effects of this latest illness is an inability to focus on anything for more then a minute or 2. I often just fall asleep wherever I happen to be. The second reason is the more troubling I think: I am not doing anything in my life right now except SUFFERING that is even remotely worth writing about. I am not trying to be sarcastic, cute or is the TRUTH. I don't really go anywhere and I cannot physically do very much.

So I am limited to updating on the status of my health and well-being.

Since I just got finished writing that i don't have much toi report on here at Shell Shock....I am going to take a minute and Credit the Photographer, Kathy Thomson.

Kathy and her husband Mike are friends from my church. Kathy has become quite an exceptional photographer in her spare time and I have used dozens of them as Blog Hi-Lights. I have been a photographer and collector of Art all my life and I really appreciate her amazing ability to see things that few other people EVER see.

So Thank You Kathy for the permission to use your work...I imagine it will continue to show up time and again.

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