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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Early Morning Meandering

As I sit here this morning, it tis but impossible NOT TO PONDER ALL THAT IS HAPPENING to me right now.  And that is to be expected. I really figured this would be a slam dunk for amputation....ah, it turns out to not be as freaking simple as that :/.  I find myself going back and forth not wanting to make such monumental decision. I keep thinking there should'd more options and much more time. YET the sand runneth ever so quickly from the hour glass of life. In reality I know more then ever that God is present in my life today and though I have questioned why this is happening to me I know there is always a higher purpose. I have a much higher sensitivity to the needs and wants and hurts of others. And I am grateful for that gift of caring and selflessness. Im the better for it for sure.....

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