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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frolic, Snide the Snipit on Sandpiper Pier

Slow now, no not now, can't go home again
Feel it begin then end to end and
Set the light on distant hillside free
Bright color reflects an odd shaped edge
Of a heart grown old, forgotten cold
It lingers soft, regretful and filled w/fear-bound fret
It was here then it was there beware the I
An eye set fireside free-fall concert hall
Music wafting clear of air, compressed, repressed free
Hair raising scent of hate between birth
Two ton stone chiseled iron gate pressed
Faces three, look up to blue wonder in wire
Thunder clap the clown flapjack kitty
Requires yonder holler for the frolic
Yea, it's all about the frolic, Ach

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