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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Um, ah.....yea, I'm a bastard.

Peek-a-boo....yea, I made it through the holidays with minimal amounts of irritation. 'Ya gotta love family but it 'tis true that 'ya always don't really like'em very much. There is a hint, a whiff of truth to that statement in my case. But I think that some of it is that I don't care for people in general very much especially when they interfere w/my routine.The best way to describe having my fam to say it's a hassle, it's inconvenient w/little in the way of stimulation to make my sacrifice worthwhile except I feel like I'm being nice which actually makes me feel good. I know, I'm being a dick but seriously, they are very robotic, unenthusiastic people. When I was in a semi-functional drug induced coma while practicing my addiction I was more entertaining, more enthusiastic, more involved then this crew is. My god they sit and ....sit some more. Play video games and watch dance reality shows on the tube...that's it.Yikes I'm being a bastard but I feel really freaked out by it all...I want to help but that is the way they are.

I think I better just not say anymore....I do love them and I try to be more tolerant and I am. Hey I realize this is pretty much my problem...I think they like the way they are. So I guess more power to them but it is hard to have them as guests though I will say that things have improved....a little.I just which they would help mom more and now help me more. I just can't see it happening.....oh well, we made it until next time. Probably the 4th of July....

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