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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh God

Well, not really sure why I have decided to blog again but I imagine my freakin' ego won't allow me to "not" draw attention to myself somehow, so this must be it!

Honestly, deep down I have always felt driven to express myself with the written word yet only occasionally have I ever really followed through and written anything. This is my attempt to change that. I have a tendency to cover a great deal of ground in terms of subject matter though I have no particular axe to grind at this time. This isn't a political blog, or a philosophical, religious, medical, sports orientated, intellectual, spiritual or any other specific kind of blog though sooner or later I imagine I'll cover some or all of the above subjects and many more to be sure.

I am not a professional writer as most of you already know if you have gotten this far....I just dig words....

So here we go....Just another day on the planet, yea but a special day too 'cause I get to launch me new blog.


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