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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ahh, thoughts....

Sunday morning and I have been awake since 4am.  A typical beginning to a day for me lately. I do love the hours right before and just after dawn. It's peaceful, quiet, it represents a new start, a new day and at that time the day belongs solely to me. Mostly because i'm usually alone and not many folks around here are awake.

Any time in my opinion is a good time for serious or not so serious thought but this time of day is a particularly favorite time for me. The ole brain is yet uncluttered w/the matters of the day, a new canvas as it were. I have been rather self absorbed as of late. I had some fairly big things going on in my personal life and they dominated my thoughts. Not all of that stuff has been resolved but enough that I can put it away temporarily and think about other people and other things. 

Today is the last day of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. As I expected, I've enjoyed them and was able to catch quite a bit of the coverage, pretty much every night. I don't care so much for the drama of the side stories but head to head athletic competition whether it be in Alpine or X-Country Skiing, Snow Boarding, Ski Jumping, the Sliding events or the various skating sports I've found very compelling. Most of these are sports that I don't usually follow, just every 4 years at the Olympics. Watching people struggle to fulfill there dreams is inspiring and yes, it can be hard to watch when they fall short but such is life itself. I'll miss the games after tonight...

Speaking of sport, I follow Purdue Football and Basketball, I have all my life. Thanks dad! for that obsession!! Purdue's Basketball team has had a wonderful season losing only 3 games so far and currently being ranked 3rd nationally. They have or had a realistic chance of winning the National Championship this year...until a fluke injury took out their best player with a season ending knee injury.It truly seems unfair, not just to this young man but to his teammates, particularly the two seniors who had a chance to make history and now that chance is slim to none. It just reminds me once again how fleeting life can be...things are great one moment, the next they aren't so great. I still believe with all my heart that it is better to try and fall short then to not participate in life at all. And I've done that whole "hide from life/fail thing",,,,Ach.

More thoughts later today....


  1. my tack into the 'sportsworld' is virtually identical except the 3rd para. My interet was surfing as a kid and I lived the lifestyle, more or less, for about 13 yrs.

    Welcome to my world Thormoo....

  2. except the 4th....good thing I always proofread my own shit, eh....

  3. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my post.