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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Hang Out For Awhile...OK?

I understand that most folks would rather be spared the hard edge posts that sometimes ...even often appear on Shell Shock Serenade. They see and hear of enough negativity every day in their lives and would rather not have to deal with it from a friend. I understand...I truly do. 

Trust me... I would rather be writing about popsicles and roller coaster rides and wondering what flavor of ice cream to have next. I want to be writing positive posts on The SHOCK. Yet this has been the single most difficult period of my life. It is a critical, life changing needs to be represented here as much as my getting sober or any of the other life-altering episodes of my life do.

I do try to represent the more uplifting subjects of my day to day living yet I am suffering a long term illness and it impacts everything that I do. In addition I am experiencing a rather lengthy period of writers block which can make even posting a simple blog post a chore. I'll work through all me I will. For now if you could just hang around a bit...I'd appreciate it. I'll be back...

PHOTO: Kathy Tomson

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