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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shell Shocked...I WAS

This blog was named Shell Shock Serenade for a very good reason....Shell Shocked was exactly the way I felt when I came to after my suicide attempt into the brand new world of living SOBER. I was totally and completely in shock...paralyzed with fear, afraid of my own shadow and very nervous and unsettled about what the future might hold. Just a few short days before, I had made a very real decision to take my own life and I was facing life and all that entails without booze or drugs to NUMB the way for the first time EVER.

I really was in over my head but little did I know at the time but a MUCH greater then myself was looking out for me. That would be GOD and I was NOT a believer at that time. Even after defying the odds and surviving the suicide attempt, I still looked at living life as a BAD THING!!!

This evening I chose to change the cover photo for the blog...a picture from an upcoming movie about the Western Theater of the Civil War.

My rational for using this pic is it captures exactly the whirlwind of fury that my life had become before sobriety took over and brought calm and reconciliation...

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