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Friday, June 28, 2013

Aftermath...Picking Up Da Pieces, Bro!

Yesterday's Post: Pause...Reflection....Change really seemed to capture the essence of many of my former posts only there was no threat present or implied. I was just observing what had been happening and what was in reality changing me as we went.

It felt good to write positive, from the head AND heart stuff again and my audience reacted quite positively to it. Hey no surprise there...I have been struggling and my friends are really concerned and worried about me.

I won't life still continues to be a major freaking struggle right now and I am NOT anywhere close to being out of the woods with my injury and infection. I am hurting and at a loss as to what to do. Who do I go see and where? I just don't know anymore and the pressure and worry about this decision is wearing me down to nothing but a STUB of a human being.

But I believe I am NOT Alone.....God is with me and we shall persevere. Until we meet again my friends.

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