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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Without A Clue

Day # ??....., Hmmm...I haven't a clue how many days this illness/infection has been going on. All I know is that it continues and I have to face the fact that a doctor I had a great deal of trust in has really betrayed my trust and I feel more then just ignored and let down.

 I feel de-humanized by his refusal to even hear the facts or see the swollen ankle which honestly was all I was asking for was for him to look at it to determine if it looked like infection or a different kind of swelling. How easy it must be to forget that this infection is HIS FREAKIN' happened on HIS WATCH. His surgical incision was the obvious route for the infection. Perhaps he is even more negligent then that...he told me specifically NOT to put anti-biotic cream on the wound. HMMM...Maybe that move started all this surely didn't help.

I am going to leave it at that. I am in agony....the swelling around the ankle is so acute that I cannot put any pressure on it at all. This is not swelling from the infection....NOPE. Something else is going on here and frankly...I haven't a clue!  

I am going to end this now before I LIBEL myself any, eh!                                                                                               `

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