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Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm sitting here by my desk, listening to a new Pearl Jam song called Pendulum and what can I say, it's incredible! I have to admit this scenario sure is a far cry from what I pictured DAY 3 (After Surgery) to be like. I half expected to still be in the Hospital on Saturday and I have been home for 2 days.

But I don't want to mislead anyone....even though I'm making much better progress then I originally anticipated....I have a LONG, LONG way to go. Months of healing before I can walk again. But it sure is a treat to be on my way to healing instead of just waiting forever to begin like I was before.

Lunch is being served (another weird scenario...being served meals, I'm used to getting my own!) so I need to move on for now...More LATER!


  1. This is such wonderful news. Great to see you up and about, writing, and on your way to recovery. I have yet to listen to "Pendulum," LOL, even though I'm a pretty big PJ fan I'm just waiting for the right moment to indulge.

  2. PJ is my #1 on the Hit Parade right now and has been for quite awhile. I discovered they have their own radio station on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Awesome live shows, remixes and such.This new album is really good. They were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon all week with Eddie doing the interview last night. Perfect "healing" type stuff for this beat up old SOUL, haha! Pendulum is my Fav cut at the moment...very moody, distant and echo-ey...just like I prefer it. Thanks for the shout out's always good to hear from you my Friend. I want to comment on your "Self-Portrait" but I was so blown away by it that I felt it was better to not comment at all...great to be so self-aware.

    1. Your comments are always welcome and missed when absent (and thank you for what you said), but neither of our blogs are going anywhere so you just keep on getting better and writing. Admiring your strength and perseverance, and heading over to your new post :)