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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Old Love/New Love: A Musical Journey

I knew I was going to have to posts some live videos of some Pearl Jam tunes after listening to their new album: "Lightening Bolt".

The first video is of a song from the new album called Pendulum and is the opening song from the bands recent show in Pittsburgh. Hey Chris...this one's for you Kiddo!

The second video is the old Mother Love Bone classic tribute to the late Andrew Wood: Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.

Release is the logical follow up simply because it is not only one of my favorite songs ever...but for someone who never knew is Father (or Mother for that matter) the words hit rather close to home....

I'll close this little musical journey with another song of their new album...a song called: "SIRENS".

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  1. I just listened to "Pendulum" and yes, I was right, it was brooding and powerful, but - it was too soon for me to hear it. It's funny how some pieces of music you have so much respect for that you cannot just press play and pause at will, but only when the time is right. I feel the same way about certain authors and books. I also have a special relation to "Chloe/Crowns," among other things from one of my last nights in PA a few years ago, in the flurry of the person I am now, coming into being then, high on herself but with a painful lack of self-awareness at that point. Thanks for taking me back, as well as forward, into the future. That is where joy, release, and peace lie.