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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eye Yia, Yia, Yia....Can This Situation Turn Any More Surreal?!

I am not sure I even want to report this nonsense but I made a commitment to myself and all of our readers to update Shell Shock more regularly.

I had a Bone Scan test today at a hospital 50 minutes away. I had to be there at 6a for a blood draw, noon for an injection then back once more at 6p.

I was there at 5:45a and went to the Lab to have the blood drawn...they had no record I was coming. Long story short, they took my blood and I went home. I got a call 90 minutes later and was told the procedure had been done incorrectly and I would have to return tomorrow and do it all over again! The good thing, I that I have an EKG scheduled for 10:30a tomorrow so we can do it all the same time. Ironically I tried to arrange it that way originally but was told they couldn't fit me in...funny how they change their tune when the royally SCREW UP, eh!?

But I wonder if things couldn just once go as planned arounnd here. Is that too much too ask?!!

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