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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Looks Like An Ankle Fusion Is In Order....

I had my long awaited 2nd opinion Doctor's appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon from S Michigan Orthopedics out of Battle Creek. In all honesty I did not have very positive feelings about this or that they would find something. 

So I was completely shocked to discover that the Tibia on my right foot ( I broke the Fibula in march and had it fixed) was "smashed...completely destroyed, GONE" (in the Doctor's own word's) at the joint where it meets the foot. All the cart-ledge, etc that connected the Tibia to the Talus was pulverized and the bone was driven into the talus and essentially
fused" already. 

That explains the swelling and the pain. It looks like I have no choice but to have major Fusion Surgery...but first they suspect it is infected. So they scheduled an MRI Monday in Marshall MI to figure out if it is infected...if it is the doc will remove the hardware from the Fibula fix since it is completely healed.

This Fusion is Major Surgery and I will post later concerning how I feel about this nightmarish ordeal I have been through the last four months. It will now last another four months or more and frankly...I don't know how to face that right now. I'm in terrible debt from this last surgery/hospitalization and now it starts all OVER AGAIN?! Ach!!

Don't get me wrong...I am grateful to know that there is finally a doctor who has a freaking CLUE and can provide solutions. We'll get through somehow...

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