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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Always on My Mind & In My Heart!

As much as I feel for my two (soon to be 3!) Grandsons...I still struggle to put into words exactly what those amazing little boys truly mean to me...their Maternal Grandfather.

I don't mention it much because frankly there is not a great deal I can really do about it at this time but being away from my daughter Chelsea and those two adorable little boys (They live in Easley, SC, near Greenville) has been terribly difficult for me. I'm not the type to smother my children as adults...they have their own lives and I totally respect fact I am quite proud of both Chelsea and her younger brother, Ian.

But as I have gotten older I appreciate things so much more and my family is at the absolute TOP of the list of those things I really value and cherish.

I don't have too much more to say about it this morning, mainly because it is an extremely emotional subject and I don't want to cry (something that is happening with more frequency these days thanks to my injuries and upcoming treatment through surgery). But since I had really been thinking about Mason (on the right in the photo above) & Maddox this morning I thought that was a perfectly good reason to write about them....So I did!

Lot's of love to Chelsea, Maddox and Mr Mason from your dad and Grandpa!

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