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Monday, September 30, 2013

No Denial!

Cool damp and quite FOGGY is the early morning weather forecast for Iyopawa Island this morning....temps around 50 and slowly rising with a high today expected around 72 degrees. It is most certainly a typical early Fall day for these parts.

Other then meeting a couple of buddies at 8:30a for coffee across the island, today is free and clear of commitments. I've been thinking a great deal about the upcoming surgery I have scheduled for the 23rd of this month. I want to be prepared spiritually, psychologically, physically and emotionally to the very best of my ability.

That all starts with the spiritual, in my humble opinion. I have discovered over the years if there is a spiritual balance in my life, the the rest of the stuff tends to fall in line after that.   

I believe I am as ready as I'll ever be....I'm at peace with the decision to operate and with the understanding that there might not be enough solid bone for the surgery to succeed there fore requiring the amputation of the right lower leg below the knee.

It's a bit odd but there are several people that are family or close friends who absolutely don't like for me to even discuss this possibility. What they do not understand is that I HAVE to be able to talk about it. It is the only way I can make the decision and be  a peace  with it as well.

It would seem like a form of denial to me not to acknowledge it. It really is an easy choice...I cannot live with the ankle/leg the way it is so if the fusion doesn't work or isn't feasible....I have no real choice but to have it removed then move on with my life...and if that happens then that is exactly what I will do.    

Photo: K. Tomson                                                

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