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Friday, September 20, 2013

Positive Affirmation

I have spent a good deal of the last two days researching Ankle Fusion's and reading various blogs to get peoples first hand accounts of their experiences. I would like to be as prepared as I can possibly be and I feel like I am starting to get there. I will say there have had a couple of times where I became so engrossed in the photos and blogs that I started to feel deeply depressed by the whole ordeal. I needed to come up for air...

So I have stepped back a bit from all the research because the operation and recovery....even if it goes exactly as planned is very intense and painful. I am as prepared for that as one can be so it is time to stop wallowing in how tough it will be and move on to more positive thoughts of recovery.

I really wish there were time and resources to jump over to Gettysburg for a few days to get a bit of a History to speak. I really miss traveling...I just finished reading a great book about Lawrence Chamberlain who was the Colonel of the 20th Maine Regiment at Gettysburg who single handedly held the Union Left flank against repeated, fierce Confederate attacks.

My plan during my recovery is to blog as frequently as possible, perhaps with an eye toward writing that book (finally!!) that I have been contemplating for the last several years. I also want to continue to catch up on my history studies as there is always a very long line of books I'd love to read.
Well I am off this morning to try and get a bit of exercise...then I leave around 11:30a to head up to Kalamazoo to get a C/T Scan so the Doc can verify the damage in my ankle. If the blood work shows no infection then we should be scheduling  the surgery for some time in the very near future. And that my friends will be an answer to a prayer (many prayers actually) and a very positive thing.

See you all a little later today....  

(Picture by Kathy Tomson)                            


  1. Hi T,

    I saw your previous post and those are all very serious and radical options. At the same time, they are *options,* whereas up until recently you had no definite answers as to what was wrong or how it could be treated. It is a lot to finally have a doctor who knows what they are doing and has compassion for his patients.

    Unfortunately I don't feel like I can contribute much here because there is nothing in my personal experience, or those around me, that I could compare this to. All I can do is express support to you and say how good it is to read that you are already making plans for future goals and how to turn this experience into something constructive and affirmative. Good luck with everything, I do hope you write about it and keep us posted.

    1. C-I appreciate the kind thoughts/wishes. I wouldn't expect many people to have a similar scenario to relate to...even distantly. It is unique...and a real BASTARD of decision I have to make.