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Sunday, November 10, 2013

NEVER Forget!

No folks, I am not a WAR Monger...just because there is a constant theme in my writing relating to History, War, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc., etc.I will not go into the personal details and psychological reasons why I respect & value our military personnel,the incredible job they perform and support all Veterans...I just do. 
I support them for patriotic reasons...for reasons of humanity, ethics, pride, love, respect, honor and the list continues. By supporting Vets I am NOT glorifying war. I know many Veterans of several different wars and all branches of the service. I am a Member of the 100th Infantry Division Reunion Group and have spent countless hours with these ordinary citizens who fought in the Second World War...many seeing horrific combat. I have yet to meet a single, solitary ONE who glorified War.

In reality it was physically and mentally...even spiritually TRAUMATIC for these guys to even discuss what they experienced 60 freaking years AFTER it happened! They still mourn the brothers they left buried in Europe, North Africa and Islands all over the central and south Pacific.

I just really appreciate what our Vets have done for all of us and I really just want to say THANK YOU and I Will NEVER...EVER Forget!

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