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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just sayin'

Ach, I'm an unhappy fellow who didn't get enough sleep (worked 'til midnight), finally I gave in and got up thinking I'll get a nice cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper. Simple right? I went out around 5:30a to get the paper and yea it was there...only it was soaking wet. I'm not sure what the freakin' qualifications are for delivering the Ft Wayne paper but having a fucking brain obviously isn't one of them.

They have been predicting rain for 3 days...torrential rain and this idiot (it's not the first time mind you, it's happened several times, like every time it rains hard!) is too stupid or lazy (yea, probably lazy) to put the paper in a plastic bag. Which the customer service rep just told me they are REQUIRED to do anyway!

I know this is a ridiculous, childish post but I'm annoyed and this Sunday morning I want everyone else to know about it too...Hope your day starts better then mine. I might just go back to bed and start over, that is if the delivery driver doesn't bump me off in my sleep....the CS Rep said he would send the driver out with a dry paper and I have a sneaking suspicion he won't be really happy w/me....Ach

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