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Thursday, January 21, 2010


In my last post I mentioned that I was sore from all the extra movement putting stuff together for a banquet we were doing this past Monday the 18th. Well here I am now 4 days later and I still feel like my legs have been battered with a baseball bat. This is ridiculous!

I know I'm 47 put I've been pretty happy with my health and fitness this last year or so. It's not like I was carrying bags of shingles up a latter or something...I was just doing some sustained (4 hrs) of repetitive standing and crouching, walking, etc. I can't believe how badly I hurt and I don't believe I've injured myself, I'm just really sore.

OK, probably need to give myself a break here....I probably haven't used these particular muscles and they got a major workout. I just need to work through the pain and stiffness....I've been getting leg massages and that's helped. I just need to keep pluggin' away.

Since I'm sort of talking about health here that brings me to something else that has been on my mind. I've noticed that I have been slowly reducing the amount of meat I eat. Not consciously, I'm just repelled by it so I avoid it. I have been eating allot more fruit, vegetables and grains. Maybe I'm to the point of just going to a planned vegitarian diet. Definitely something I'm going to think about.

Well, it's 20 degrees out today and a strong east wind...that is going to make my walk pretty interesting this morning. I just don't want to skip it....when I do I can really feel it. Plus I feel better when I'm able to get outside, even for a few minutes of fresh air.

Alright, I just re-read this post...geez what a boring life but hey....that's my life these days and I'll admit, I like it this way! Quite a difference then the "live as if there is no tomorrow" self destructive lifestyle from my past.

Of course when I started this blog i wanted to capture my life as it really was and I guess I'm doing that......

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