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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter in Michigan...

I'm still alive...just haven't had a lot of time to write the last week or so (or much to say for that matter). I think it's natural for those of us who live in hard core winter climates like Michigan to kinda tone it down and go into basic survival mode (Semi-Hibernation) during the long, bleak winter days of Jan. and Feb. By that account, I have a ways to go yet before I get all my energy back...

Anyhow, it has been a long stretch of temps in the teens or single digits so I am kinda feeling lethargic. So I have made it a point to get outside and at least walk every day but the last couple of walks have been pretty short and brutally cold. Actually the last walk took less time then it took me to get bundled up....I'm kidding of course but just barely.

Even though it's cold, I do love Winter. It's absolutely beautiful for one and there is just something restorative about this time 'o year. It's a time to contemplate beginning again and I suppose I've always felt that way. I guess I'm just a person who really needs to experience the full four seasons of each year, in all their glory. As I've gotten older, I'll admit that spending more time in a warmer climate sounds attractive. Especially since I have friends and family who live or winter in warm parts of the country but I know that I would feel like I'm missing something if I went "warm" year round. I'm not knocking it for those who like warm weather but it's definately not my way.

Cheers from the great white North....

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  1. Hi. Just happen to stumble across your blog. I'm from Michigan too but I winter in Florida for a short time. Still love the 4 seasons up north. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and perhaps return the favor and I'll fix you a tasty Margarita.