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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emotional vomiting on a Tuesday....

OK, I promise that I won't get angry...or sarcastic...or ornery. I'll be pleasant, professional and understanding, just like I always am (tee hee, a slight exaggeration, I'll admit). I'll be objective and try to look at all sides of the issue so then I can honestly evaluate my behavior and see if I can improve it. 

Now that I think about it, why would I want to change the way I am, huh?! Seems like there are folks that think I'm too intense, strung a little to tight and they suggest that I need to relax. Fair enough....I realize that I can be intense and that bothers some folks. The problem is that intensity is part of who I am, I doubt I could change it even if I wanted to. And believe me, I don't. If I am being rude, obnoxious, wasn't listening or being thoughtless, etc that would be one thing I could understand. But being true to myself which also means being very passionate about something I care about isn't a crime, just because someone is different and doesn't like it. Especially when the criticism comes from someone who typically isn't real accepting of different points of view to begin with.

Now I realize that I make mistakes...all the time. I'm about as far from perfect as you can get. I also understand that we are all different and not everyone sees things the same way. I get that too and I guess that's my point...I wish others could see that as well. I know I have experienced a lot of stuff in my 47 years on the planet and I hope I take that experience and learn from it. That probably gives me a perspective that some younger folks maybe don't have the benefit of and to be fair, I should also take the into account.

It's just frustrating when you have known someone for a while and they make some observations that are so far from being accurate that you wonder if they were paying attention to you at all the last 2 years or so. I don't know...some people don't get it and would rather go through life and just coast instead of taking the time to get to know how other people think and live. I have always enjoyed that aspect of getting to know someone...I've learned a lot from people who are really different then I am.

This blog falls into the category of a rant or vent style blog....I just don't care for intolerance or when someone shows a genuine lack of respect for the individuality of someone's a pet peeve of mine so I felt like I could share it....and so I just did.

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