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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Off I go

It snaps, locks then releases. As it does a jolt of pain shoots both up and down the leg. That is my right knee. The back, mostly lower back is best described as feeling like shattered glass and my ass literally feels as if it is going to detach and fall to the floor. The backs of both legs burn, all the way to the floor. Both sets of feet are basically numb, no feeling in them at all....Of course I've left out the pain in the stomach and lower doubt a result of a decade of taking high doses of anti-inflammatories not to mention the latest: intense pressure in my head as if my forehead is going to pop off.

The combination of pain is barely tolerable. Jesus I wonder why I do this as I hover on the edge of madness every damn day of my life yet....Why do I go on? Because I can.

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