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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Pretty Good Day..

This is going to sound odd if not totally ridiculous to most "normal" people but I actually am kind of smiling to myself right now because after months and months of stressful, pain-filled even HELLISH days I have had what I would refer to as a pretty good day. Why do I find that so odd and/of FUNNY? Honestly because I was convinced basically that I would never have another good, fun or positive day again on this freaking planet. I'm not kidding....I really did think it was over as far as good times.

With my serious injuries from mid-winter 2013, the subsequent infection and hospitalizations and multiple surgeries things had started to really take a turn for the worse and I was afraid that I was slipping away. Back into the DARKNESS and place I knew only TOO well.

I had struggled to keep myself wired together mentally...because I know myself very well and ultimately my saving grace is that I was always very open and brutally honest with myself and others when it came to discussing my emotions and how I was really doing inside. I also had a relationship these days with GOD...something I never had back in the DARKNESS. Ultimately that is why I've managed to make it through all these horrific and difficult moments and keep waking up each day returning for more.

I know my job here on the planet is not done. My parents need me...I am now their protector and for me...I can't think anything more worthwhile then to love my family by caring for them with all my heart and soul. It is a privilege...the ultimate labor of LOVE!

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  1. I remember, when my body was getting used to arthritis, realizing late one afternoon that I hadn't hurt all day. It was the first pain free day I had in years, and I was absolutely giddy when I realized it - something very few others would understand. I am glad you had a pretty good day, my friend, and I hope they will happen often!